Thursday, April 12, 2012


My dad died of leukemia when he was 51.  That was in 2000.  Twelve years ago, when I was 25.  Which makes me old now, and if I'm following in family footsteps, it means I have got around 14 years of life left.

Yes I know I should be writing the numbers but it's late, so I'm not.

The reason I mention this is not for some maudlin reason.  I was cleaning my bathroom and nearly knocked over a mirror, and it brought a memory back to my mind that I'd forgotten or buried away or whatever else happens to memories.

My dad broke a mirror once.  I was in the room and he was really upset, because he thought that it would bring him seven years bad luck.  Naturally I mocked him immensely for believing such a crock of shit, but during this evening's near miss with the mirror, it got me thinking.

When did my dad break that mirror?  Was it within seven years of his death?  It's possible, but it might have been many years before then.  My memory is terrible so I really couldn't say.  But let's just say that it was in the seven year range.  Is it possible that the mirror break and the death were somehow related?  If that's true (it isn't) then how does it work?

Do you get seven years of continuous bad luck?

Do you get more bad luck over a seven year period than would occur naturally on a statistical basis?  If so, how much more?  5%?  10%?  50%?

Do you live bad luck free for a seven year period, at the end of which something really bad happens to you at the end of the period (in this case, death)?

Am I just driveling?

Is anyone reading this?


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