Thursday, July 21, 2011

Satisfaction - Chapter Two

The next few weeks were pretty awful.  I’d never been one for staying in, and now I was kicking around the house all the time looking miserable as sin.  It didn’t take long for my parents to twig that something was wrong.  They soon found out that Jenny and me had split up, but I was a bit reluctant to tell them exactly why.  In the end I had to break the news to them when they started to buy me things for Uni.  They took it about as well as Jenny.  Well, they would have if I’d told them the truth.  After the barrage from Jenny and the whole break up situation, I wasn’t really up for an assault from them.  So I told them a white lie.  I told them I wanted to defer for a year and take some time out.  It didn’t take much to twist the facts around and blame the break up with Jenny on not wanting to go.  In the end, they were really sympathetic, which pinched a bit.  But I could live with the odd pang of guilt, especially compared to the endless grief I would get if I’d told them the whole story.  A little while later I got in touch with the Uni, but not to defer.  I told them I wasn’t going.
So that was that.  I’d split up with Jenny, I jacked in my education and I was footloose and fancy-free.  And skint.  I had no job or money, and no idea of what I was going to do.
It felt like I was rebelling against something, but don’t ask me what.  My family?  My friends?  Their expectations?  Or was I just lashing out at myself?  I really couldn’t tell you.  I probably needed psychoanalysing - I probably still do - but I’ve never been one for sitting around worrying.  Despite the situation, I had a feeling something was going to come my way; something that would improve my lot.  And I was right.  It did, and it didn’t take long to arrive.

Like I said earlier, I’m an athletic guy.  I was going running regularly, playing a lot of football and doing swimming too.  I used the pool at the local gym for that.  Strictly speaking, I wasn’t supposed to.  I wasn’t a member, but I knew the assistant manager Ian through football, and he made sure I could always get in, so long as he was on duty.
About a month after I’d split up with Jen, I turned up for a Monday morning sneaky swim.  I was still pretty down at that time, but I could always manage a smile for Sam, who worked on reception.  She was blonde and pretty, not beautiful but just really fresh faced, natural and totally unassuming.  She was the easiest girl in the world to talk to.  We had become friendly in the time I’d been going there, but nothing else.  She was a mate and I really didn’t think about her in any other way.
“Oh, hello, here comes trouble,” she said, looking up as I came through the sliding glass doors at the front of reception.  I shushed her, putting my finger to my lips and playing along.
“Don’t tell everyone.”
“Oh, I won’t then, I’ll keep it a secret… again.”
“What would I do without you?” I asked melodramatically.  This was pretty typical banter between the two of us.  “Is Ian about, gorgeous?”
“He’s running late this morning, he just rang in,” she replied, “but I won’t tell anyone if you want to have your secret swim.”  I grinned at her.
“You’re a star, Samantha,” I said, and headed off to the lockers.  As I got to the end of the corridor, I looked back, and she was still looking at me, smiling.  She’d given a little wave, and I sent one back in reply.  That was pretty typical of how I was with girls; I liked to flirt.
A few minutes later, I was knifing my way through the cool, chlorinated water of the pool.  I did the front crawl mainly; I liked the feeling of speed and power and it gave me a good workout.  I liked coming in early too.  It was quiet; the only other people around were business types getting in their half hour before work.  I was able to get fifty lengths in without interruption or having to worry about kids getting in my way – there’s nothing more frustrating than that.
The lifeguard on duty that morning was lad called Kev, a guy I only knew in passing.  You know, we would say hello but that was about it.  I don’t think he liked me getting in on a freebie but Ian had okayed it so there was nothing he could do.  Still, he never gave me any grief or anything.
Anyway, that morning was the morning I had the longest conversation I ever did with Kev.  It was also the morning my life changed.
He was standing by the side of the pool ladder as I climbed out after my swim and went to grab my towel.  We made eye contact in that uncomfortable way you do.
“Morning, Scott,” he said.  That caught me off guard for a start.  He never started conversations.  I didn’t even know he knew my name.
“Alright, mate,” I replied.
“You still coming down here for a swim on a morning?” he asked.  I just looked at him blankly.
“Er, yeah,” I said.  What did he think I was doing?
“Oh, well, I’m leaving on Monday, and there’s no-one to replace me and I was wondering if you’d like the job.”  It took a couple of seconds for this to register.  A guy I barely knew and, as far as I was aware of didn’t like me, was offering me his job?  I asked him just that.
“If you want it,” he said.  “I don’t see how Ian could complain” – a subtle dig, I knew, but I let it pass – “I mean, I can’t give you the job but I can put in a word for you.”
“Where are you going then?” I asked.
“I’m off to Uni, so I can’t carry on, and they need a replacement,” he said.  “Do you want me to put in a word for you?”
I couldn’t believe it.  This was a great chance.  Working at the gym would mean I would get free access to everything, not just the pool.  I knew Kev only worked six hours a day, so once I was finished my shifts I could go and train and get really toned.  I might even be able to become an instructor.  These thoughts were racing through my head, and I was getting myself quite worked up inside at the prospect of working there.  On the outside though, I tried to stay casual.
“Yeah, have a word if you want,” I said, coolly.  “I’m interested if they are.”

And that was it.  The next Monday I was a trainee lifeguard, complete with my own chair, my own trunks and most important of all, my own whistle.  Oh, the visions of power that went through my head that day.  No longer would unruly children make serious swimmers lives hell.  No longer would there be floats and armbands left discarded and drifting across my pool.  No longer would there be running, shouting or dive-bombing.  All these thoughts and more filled my head as I climbed the ladder up to my seat on my first day, a shift that would take me from seven in the morning until one in the afternoon, with a fifteen minute break at ten.
What happened during that shift was something quite different to what I’d been expecting.  I learned that Henry Kissinger had been right.  Power is an aphrodisiac.  That power helped me throw off the shadow of Jenny that day and awakened something in me.  That power brought me Kristen.
Kristen was one of those effortlessly pretty girls.  She looked like she’d stepped out of a commercial.  She had long dark wavy hair, gorgeous olive skin, green eyes and a dazzling white smile.  She was slimly built and really she looked like a model, which is what I thought she was on first impressions.  Actually, it turned out she was an Australian politics student on a gap year, but she was working as a promotions girl at trade fairs, so I was half right.  I could see why she got that job.  She could have sold sand to the Arabs.
The first I time saw her was about half an hour into my shift.  I was settling into a quiet, comfortable day, with not too many people in the pool and no-one I hadn’t seen before, so I knew they were all competent and that I’d probably have an easy day.  Then she walked in, in a white string bikini, and she looked up at me and smiled.  I grinned back, and couldn’t believe it when instead of getting into the pool, she kept on walking past the pool ladder and up to my chair.  She stopped beneath me and looked up, still smiling.
“Hi, you’re new, aren’t you?” she asked.  The twang in her accent was immediately apparent.
“Yeah, I’m Scott,” I said.  “I just started today.”
“I’m Kristen.  Haven’t I seen you round here before?” she asked.
“You might have – I’ve been coming here for a while.”  She nodded.
“Yeah, I thought so,” she said.  “I’d recognise those pecs anywhere.”  I laughed at that.  I wasn’t used to that sort of direct come on, which it clearly was.  After being with Jenny for so long, I’d effectively been off the market.  But here was a gorgeous girl virtually putting herself on a plate for me.  It might not sound it from how I’m telling it but trust me, it was there in the way she looked at me.  Maybe I could have turned a blind eye to it, and if I’d still been with Jenny, I would have.  I’d already done it plenty of times in the past.  But it was different now.  I was single and I couldn’t see the harm in trying my luck with a random hot girl.  In that moment, the gloom of losing Jenny lifted, and something animal awakened in me.
“Well, I won’t be forgetting you in a hurry,” I said casually, but the look in my eyes told her there was anything but casual thoughts going through my mind.
“Is that right, Scotty?” she asked seductively.  Scotty?  No-one called me that.  I was well in.
“That’s right,” I said.  “Unless you think you can make yourself even more memorable than you already look in that bikini.”
“How about how I’d look out of it?” she asked.  Woah.  This was Bugatti Veyron speed flirting.  I wasn’t used to this pace, but I wasn’t intending to slow it down either.  The fact that this random, gorgeous girl was hitting on me was fuelling my ego and my confidence better than a propane tank on a bonfire.
“Now that’s an offer that would be hard to refuse,” I said wistfully.
“You never know your luck, do you?” she said, grinning wickedly and turning away.  “Catch you later, Scotty.”  She walked over to the edge of the pool, giving me a good view of her toned arse as she lifted her hands above her head and dived gracefully into the pool.  I watched as she surfaced on the far side, running her hands over her long dark hair to push it away from her face, before turning to flash me a smile.  I smiled back, and she’d set off again across the pool at a steady pace, her slim agile body cutting through the cool water with ease.  You could see she’d been swimming for years.
I sat and watched her for the next half an hour as she swam back and forth across the pool, zigzagging up and down the length, giving herself a really good workout.  No wonder she was so toned.  I’d barely been able to take my eyes off her, and luckily the pool emptied out until it was just her in there.  Every now and then when she reached the far side, she’d lift herself half out of the water, resting herself on her elbows to catch her breath for a moment.  I didn’t know if she was doing it just for my benefit, to show of her wet, hot body but the fact that I kept catching her glancing up at me suggested to me that that was exactly what she was doing.
When she finished, she swam to the ladder on the far side and climbed out, towelling herself down.  She hadn’t come over to see me that time, even though I’d been expecting her to.  Instead, she slowly made her way to the entrance to the changing rooms.  Just as she got there she stopped and looked back over her shoulder towards me.  Even from that distance, I knew it was more than just a look.  It was an invitation.
For the next couple of minutes I sat there in the chair, not knowing what to do.  The pool was empty, and I knew the gym was likely to stay quiet.  Kristen was in the changing room, waiting for me.  Or was she?  Was I totally misreading the situation?  I just didn’t have the experience to know.  I sat there pondering until I came to an inescapable conclusion.
Fuck it.  If I went in there what was the worst that could happen?  Okay, maybe assault, rape, murder and life imprisonment.  But I knew those weren’t going to happen.  With this thought in mind, I climbed down from my chair and made my way to the changing room.
She was in one of the shower cubicles.  I could see the outline of her naked body through the shower screen, even though it was covered in condensation.  She lifted her long dark hair high and soaked it, drenching herself under the spray of the shower.  She had no idea I was there.  My heart was thudding, I remember that.  I’d never done anything like it before, never mind on the first day of a new job.  I would have been sacked on the spot if I’d been caught; there was no doubt about that.  I would have probably been arrested too come to think of it but right then that was the last thing on my mind.
I pulled open the shower door; she had her back to me, but felt the rush of cool air as the door opened and she turned her head to look at me.
“You took your time,” she said, as she turned to face me.  She made no attempt to cover herself.  In a flash I’d took in the sight of her toned, naked body and I knew she was doing the same to me.
“I’ve come to see what you look like out of the bikini,” I said.  She grinned a devious, flirty grin.
“I hope you approve.”
“Definitely,” I told her.  She looked amazing.
“Well, you’d better get in here with me, mister,” she ordered, “so you can have a good look.”
She didn’t have to ask twice.  I stepped into the cubicle and shut the door behind me.  It was cramped, and I had to press myself up against her.  She didn’t pulled away, but she started to giggle instead.
“You do this sort of thing often then?” she asked.
“I told you, it’s my first day.  I’ve never done anything like this.”  My hands slipped round her waist and hers were caressing my chest.  It just seemed so natural and easy and incredibly exciting.
“What if I’d screamed?” she asked, sliding her hands lower.
“So long as the were screams of pleasure, that would be fine by me” I said, shrugging.  She laughed.
“Well, then in that case, mister,” she answered, sliding her thumbs under the waist of my swimming trunks. “I’d better take these off you.”
“Be my guest,” I said, as she started to tug them down.  I had to move back against the tiled wall to give her room to crouch down so she could tug the trunks down over my knees.  Of course, this gave her a perfect vantage point to have a good look at my cock as my trunks slid down.
“Oh my God,” I remember her saying, and I’d looked down to catch her wide-eyed expression.
“What’s up, Kristen?” I asked, my gaze following the rivulets of water that were cascading down onto her.  She’d had to squint when she’d looked up at me.
“You, I hope,” she’d said.  “You’re huge.”  As she spoke she wrapped her left hand around my cock.  “How big is it?” she asked.
This reminded me of the first time I’d been with Jenny.  She’d had actually gone to find a ruler when she was in the middle of sucking me off, so I knew the answer to the question.
“Ten inches when it’s hard, Kristen,” I said to her.
“Oh, wow,” she said.  “I’ve never had one that big.”  She was stroking her hand up and down it and kissing it almost reverentially.  I had to laugh, but her touch was having the desired effect.
“You approve, then?” I asked as she began rubbing my now semi-erect cock.  She’d nodded.  She leant forward and took it into her mouth and started to suck me off.  I remember trying not to groan as she pushed her mouth over the head and started to lick me.
“Do you want that in you, Kristen?” I asked her as she gulped at it greedily.  She nodded, but didn’t stop sucking under the spray of the shower.  In moments my cock was fully erect, and she was really sucking hard, her hands stroking up and down the shaft and playing with my balls.  She pulled back and looked at my cock, letting the water stream down onto the swollen purple head.
“You like that?” she asked, as she squeezed it and licked her tongue around the head.  It made me shudder with the pleasure.
“God, I want to fuck you Kristen.”
“Go on, then,” she said, swiftly rising to her feet and turning away from me.  She leant forward under the hot spray, the water matting her long dark hair to her back, and pushed her tight little arse out toward me.  I slipped my hand up between her legs.  Her skin was smooth and wet, but not as wet as her pussy.  My fingers rubbed over her lips; she was as turned on as me.  I fingered her gently, pushing two fingers into her, and teased her soft lips with my fingers and thumb.  She started to moan a lot, pushing herself up and down on my fingers.  My cock was rubbing against her arse cheek, and it was easy to move it across and press it up against my fingers.  I slipped them out of her and pushed the head of my cock into her.  We both gasped, and through a combination of our moves I quickly pushed it deep into her.
She really started to moan when I began thumping it into her.  We didn’t try to be quiet at all.  If anyone had walked in at that moment my career would have been over before it had started.  My hands were all over her body, caressing her hips, her waist, and her small breasts.  I found myself slipping them back down to her pussy, touching and teasing her clit as she took my big cock easily into her over and over.
She came loudly and suddenly.  I let her savour the orgasm, dragging her spasming pussy up and down my thick shaft.  I looked down and watched her pushing up and down it, before I pulled my cock out.  She rubbed it hard and I was so turned on by her orgasm that it only took a few strokes before I came as well.
And that was my first conquest at the gym.  I couldn’t believe what I’d done.  It had been totally out of character for me, but it was without a doubt the biggest adrenalin rush of my life.
How we didn’t get caught out there and then I don’t know.  I’d only been away from the pool for ten minutes but if anyone had come looking for me I’d have been out the door in a flash.  As it was, nobody came looking, and a few minutes later I was back in my chair, looking over an empty pool.  It was just in time as well, as moments later a group of OAPs turned up for their weekly dip.  They weren’t backwards about coming forward and introducing themselves, and I made myself an instant hit with them, I’m proud to say.  But I can assure you that they’d didn’t get the Kristen treatment.

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