Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Satisfaction Chapter Four

The games night happened three weeks later.  Steve gave me the address and told me to be there at two o’clock on Saturday afternoon to help get things set up.  I made sure I got there in plenty time, driving my VW Golf that I’d saved up for and was costing me a fortune in tax and insurance.  I wasn’t the first to arrive; there were already a couple of small catering trucks and a good dozen people milling around outside, but that didn’t take away from the first impression I had of Steve’s house.  It was amazing.  An ivy-covered mansion with a fountain out the front and pillars either side of the biggest front door I’d ever seen.  It was like the Playboy mansion, only hidden away from sight down of the main road behind a black iron gate and a long tree lined driveway.  I had no idea people had places like it near to where I lived.  And the cars – I knew Steve had a Mercedes but I could see a Porsche 911 at the back of the house, parked next to a Land Rover.  Who knows what else was hiding back there.  There were stables out the back, so he’d probably had land and horses too.  The guy was seriously minted.
I parked up at the side of the house, and walked round to the front.  Steve was there, telling people where to take the crates they were carrying through the front door.
“Hey, Scott, what do you think?” he asked, gesturing at the house.
“You must have done a lot of fillings,” I answered.  He laughed.
“No, I just charged a lot for them,” he replied.  “Come on, let’s get you to work.”
We spent the next couple of hours setting up the various tables and kit in the dining room and by four o’clock it really did look like a casino.  About that time the girls arrived and I don’t know where Steve had found them but he obviously had an eye for talent because they were all gorgeous.  Steve then laid on a few drinks to help everyone relax, and then a couple of professional croupiers arrived to show us the ropes, which was handy because really we had no idea what we were doing.
At six o’clock we’d gone upstairs to get changed.  A couple of bedrooms had been set up as changing rooms and there were tuxedos for the guys and cocktail dresses for the girls.  There was one male croupier called Jeff and another bit of ‘eye candy’ as Steve called us; his name was Ed.  He was shorter than me and pretty quiet – I gave up trying to strike up a conversation with him and instead concentrated on listening to the tips Jeff was giving me as we got changed.
At six thirty we met up with the girls.  There were four of them; Emma and Lucy, and a couple of others whose names slip my mind.  I remember those first two though for a couple of reasons; firstly, they were both gorgeous redheads with green eyes.  They could have been sisters, they looked that alike.  They weren’t though which is a good thing when I get to the second reason why I won’t forget them, but I’ll explain that one later.
Anyway, they were all completely stunning, and we were soon flirting.  I was in my element, and the few drinks swirling round my system were not hurting my banter at all.  We headed downstairs, and I was given the job of dealing at poker.  Now this was a bit of a blessing as I’d played the game with my mates and online as well.  I never really made money and lost as much as I won, but I did know how to play the game and so it was the easiest job for me to take on.
The guests started turning up at seven and there were a real mix of people.  I don’t know how Steve knew them all, because nobody can be friends with that many people.  Before the games started we helped serve drinks and from listening in to the various conversations I figured out there were bankers, lawyers, doctors and who knows who else there.  It was like some secret society of the wealthy, and God did they have money.  There was a pile of cash being dumped on a table in the middle of the room, and all of us non-regulars were eyeing it up and looking at each other grinning.  Steve had said it was fifteen grand a head to be there and I reckon there were at least a hundred people there.  That’s one and a half million pounds.  Crazy.  But that’s the world Steve mixed in.  It was pretty clear he wasn’t just some ex-dentist from America.  This guy had some serious connections.
He also had a truly terrifying wife.  I was sipping on a vodka and coke when I first saw her and how I didn’t spill it down my tux I don’t know.
Her name was Barbara.  She was difficult to describe, but the nearest thing I can get to it is Skeletor in a dress.  She must have been about sixty years old but had had so many operations any resemblance to whatever she had actually once looked like was lost behind a myriad of facelifts and Botox.
She wore a black dress that was mercifully long but unfortunately possessed a plunging neckline that revealed a pair of fake tits that looked like balloons that had been stuck down inside the skin of a prune and then over-inflated.  Every inch of her exposed flesh looked like it had been plastered in at least three coats of varnish.  When she smiled, which seemed to be difficult with her plasticated face, she had the same dazzling, gleaming smile as Steve.  It seemed to be about the only thing they had in common.
She found her way round to me after a few minutes of mingling and extended her hand.
“Hello, darling, I’m Barbara.”  I took her hand and shook it; it was like holding an old branch.
“I’m Scott,” I replied, hoping she couldn’t tell I was shuddering at her touch, which lingered on much too long for my liking.
“I’ve heard all about you,” she went on, not letting go of her grip.  “Steve speaks about you all the time.”
“I deny everything, of course,” I said, desperately hoping the charm was papering over the revulsion I was feeling.  I just wanted her to let go of me, but she had no intention of doing that.  She wanted to flirt.
“So would I if I was in your place,” she smirked, “which sadly I’m not.  Well not yet anyway.”  This startled me slightly – not the thought of her being at my place, which frankly made me want to puke, but more what she heard about me.  Did she actually know something or was she just flirting in that vomit-inducing manner that old people have?  I tried to keep my cool and come up with a witty reply.
“Well, who knows eh?” was the best I could come up with.
“Who indeed?” she said, pulling herself close and circling around me until she was stood by my side.  She slipped one hand behind me and placed it on the small of my back.  “What do you think of the show?”
“Pretty impressive,” I said, and I’d meant it.  The fact I didn’t have to look at her took away the revulsion I was feeling, if only for a brief moment.
“Yes it is,” she agreed.  “Steve does know how to put on a party.”
“Yes, he does,” I answered, still racking my brains for an exit strategy.  As I stood there, I felt her hand slide down my back and onto my left buttock.
“What are you doing?” I spluttered.
“You’ve got a nice tight ass,” she answered in a low murmur. 
“Erm, thanks?” I answered.  I was really not enjoying myself at that moment.  I mean, how could I tell her that the reason it was so tight was because I was completely tensed up due to the utter revulsion I was feeling?  It was hard to imagine how it could get worse when suddenly it did.  She gave my left cheek a firm squeeze.  I leapt about a foot forward and yelped; it was so bad a couple of people looked round to see what I was doing.  I looked back at them sheepishly.
“Sorry,” I mumbled.  “I tripped.”  They looked at me like I was some kind of imbecile and turned back to their conversation.  I heard Barbara laugh behind me, but I didn’t look back.  I walked quickly across the room and grabbed another drink from the bar, knocking it back in one hit without even checking what it was.  It turned out to be a gin and tonic which worked just fine.
Lucy came over to where I was standing, grinning from ear to ear.  Despite everything I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked.
“Having fun?”she asked, struggling not to laugh.  She’d obviously seen everything and couldn’t keep a straight face.
“It isn’t funny,” I hissed at her.
“Yes it is,” she replied.  “In fact it’s hilarious.  Me and the girls can’t get enough of it.  Neither can she apparently.”
“That’s easy for you to say.  How would you like it if it happened to you?”
“It usually does,” she shot back sharply, then offered some advice: “You just grin and bear it; it’s all part of the game.”
“I don’t think I want to play this game anymore,” I grumbled.
“Don’t worry,” she whispered softly.  “I know a better game we can play.”  I perked up at that.
“Oh really?”
“Yes, really.  If you’re a lucky boy you might get to play it later.” She left that as her parting line, and as she walked away the back of her hand brushed against my thigh.  The tingle from it was electric.  She was good; she had taken my mind of Barbara and made me want to fuck her with just a few clever words.  It was like meeting the female version of me.
Luckily the poker game kicked off which came as a very welcome distraction from Barbara.  I took up the dealer’s seat and was quickly joined by six players, all guys, which thankfully kept Barbara away from the table.  They were playing no limit hold ‘em and the blinds for the first hand were two fifty and five hundred quid.  They weren’t afraid to splash the cash, that was for sure.  They weren’t particularly good players either.  There were one or two who seemed to know what they were doing but the rest were just enjoying the occasion, calling over one of the girls now and then to order more drink and snacks as they threw their money away on hopeless bets.  It was kind of frustrating in a way; I was by no means better than average but I knew that if I’d been on the other side of the table I could have walked away with the best part of ten grand within a couple of hands just by playing sensibly against these guys.
They got no better as the evening wore on and they’d gotten drunker and brasher.  I knocked back a few drinks myself but kept the right side of half cut to keep control of the game.  Steve walked over after maybe an hour, shaking hands and chatting with the players for a few minutes, but really he was seeing how I was getting on.
“How’s our new dealer holding up?” he asked the players.  They’d responded with some cheers and comments, all of which were complimentary.  It made me flush (no pun intended) but I liked it, and Steve gave me that smile and said, “Well done, kid, you’re doing a good job.”  That meant a lot and really made me settle into the role.
Barbara showed up at the table a few times.  She was fucking terrible at poker; she really didn’t have a clue at all.  When she was making idiotic bets I was struggling not to blurt out something and I’m pretty sure the guys on the table were thinking the same.  Everybody tensed up when she was there, because it was Steve’s wife and nobody wanted to beat her.  The table were obviously trying to let her win a few hands, betting high and then folding, but she was that bad she’d just folded as well when it got to her turn.  In fairness, she’d just laughed it off, claiming to be the worst player in the room.  She wasn’t kidding.
After a few painful hands she would go off and circulate before reappearing, and it turned into a bit of an in-joke at the table.  When I saw her coming I’d clear my throat loudly, then everyone would fold and I’d hold the cash from that hand until she’d gone, then we would go back and replay the hand.  It worked pretty well and it was nice to have that kind of rapport with the guys who were playing.
I was at that table for close on five hours and it flew by.  I lost track of how much money changed hands on that table, but the last hand that was played was for a total pot of seventy two thousand pounds.  A guy name Adam won it with a full house, and he tipped me two thousand for that.  That was amazing, but I had already picked up a few more cash tips from other players which I had been sticking in my pockets.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to or not but nobody was saying anything so I just thought what the hell.
It was close on midnight when I closed the table and people started to leave, although quite a few were staying back and getting pretty drunk.  All of us serving staff were kept busy running round making drinks and clearing up a few spills, but I kind of enjoyed even that side of it.  It gave me a breather and also a chance to catch up with the girls, who I’d been sadly deprived of for the last few hours apart from the odd glance and smile here and there.
I took that opportunity to knock back a few quick vodkas and to count up the money in my pocket.  It consisted of wads of tens, twenties, and ten fifty pound notes.  I’d only ever seen one fifty before.  Now I had five hundred quid’s worth.  I also counted up another twenty six hundred in tens and twenties.  In total I had a shade over three grand.  It was incredible.  I’d never had that much cash in my life.  I felt guilty holding it but elated too.  It was the easiest money I’d ever made.  Hell, if Steve wanted me here every weekend doing this I would have been saying ‘yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir,’ if I was going to get paid like this.
I’d been pocketing my winnings when Lucy came sauntering over, still looking impossibly gorgeous and slightly drunk.  She saw the wad of cash that I was slipping into my jacket pocket.
“Hiding your ill-gotten gains I see,” she remarked as she came up close.  She looked amazing, one of the prettiest girls I’d ever seen.
“Nothing ill-gotten about these gains, I can assure you,” I answered.
“It didn’t look that little to me,” she countered.
“We are still talking about the money, right?” She laughed.
“I see I don’t have the same effect on you as Barbara.”  I shook my head at that.
“Nobody has that effect on me.”
“What effect do I have on you then?” she asked coyly.  She was standing real close by then.  I could feel her arm brushing against mine.
“You make me glad I came here tonight,” I answered.  She smiled at that.
“I’m glad you came here too,” she said.  “But the night isn’t over yet.”
“I was hoping you would say that.”
“I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you tonight,” she said.  “And now I want to do more than look.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I want to play.”

We went upstairs hand in hand.  She seemed to know her way around.  I let her lead me into a darkened bedroom; she pulled me in and then closed the door behind us.  I felt her come close to me and slip her arms around me.  Her slim, firm body was pressing into mine and then I felt her kissing me.  I kissed her back, and very quickly after that we were tonguing each other hard.  Her hands were all over me, running down my arms and onto my waist and round to my arse and then quickly round to my cock.  I felt her rubbing her hand over it and I was already getting hard.
“I’d heard you’ve got a big cock,” she said between kisses.
“So rumour has it,” I replied.  I never worked out who had told her that but right then I didn’t care, because it was getting bigger by the second, and she was already unzipping my trousers.
“I want to taste it,” she murmured, pulling at my clothes.
“You might end up with a mouthful of cum if you do that,” I told her.
“Mmm, good, I want all your cum in my mouth,” she said as she dropped to her knees.   She pulled my trousers open and let them drop, slipping her fingers over the top of my boxers and tugging them down too.  The big cock she’d heard about popped out and I felt it brushing her face and then felt her mouth kissing the shaft and sliding down onto the head.  I let out a loud groan as she took it into her mouth and sucked it, making it throb.  She started moaning then too, the sound muffled by me filling her mouth.  I could hear the sound of her slurping her mouth up and down.
“Fuck you are good at this,” I groaned in appreciation.
“I’m good as well,” came another voice from the dark.  For a split second I thought it was going to be Barbara, but thank God it wasn’t.  The voice was softer and sounded turned on.  Lucy hadn’t stop sucking my cock, she just kept sucking up and down it, enjoying having it in her mouth.
“You’d better be amazing if you’re going to do this better than Lucy,” I answered breathlessly.
“Come over here and I’ll show you what I can do,” the mystery girl had replied from the dark.
“What do you reckon, Lucy?” I said.  “Think you can take on a challenge like that?”
“Mmhmm,” she answered, not letting me out of her mouth.  I laughed, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to pull myself back to get free of her mouth; she hadn’t wanted to give it up without a fight.  She had her hands on my arse and dug her nails in as she tried to keep sucking me.  The mix of pain and pleasure was exciting and I told myself that the girl on the bed was going to have to be incredible to excite me more than Lucy.
As soon as I was out of her mouth, Lucy let go of me and got to her feet.  She slipped her hands from around my arse and slid them onto my cock, still damp from her mouth, and led me by it towards the bed, like a farmer leading a cow to market.  I shook off my trousers, doing a little jig in the dark to lose them as she held onto me.  Everyone in the room was laughing at that point.  My eyes were slowly adjusting to the dark and I was able to make out the silhouette of a girl sitting on the bed.
When we reached the bed, the other girl reached up and put her hand onto my cock, sharing it with Lucy.  I was close enough to her for her to reach forward and put her open mouth around the head.
“Oh my God,” I groaned as she started to push her mouth down the shaft.  I felt the pressure of her tongue pressing against the head, licking right around it expertly.
“You like that big cock, don’t you Emma?” Lucy had murmured as she slowly stroked her hand up and down the rock hard shaft, sharing it with the other girl.  Emma, I thought.  It was Lucy’s friend from the party.  It seemed that these two knew each other pretty well.  I doubted that was the first time they’d done something like this.
The thought did occur to me that it was a scam.  Lucy knew I had a lot of cash in my pockets.  It would have been easy for her to have kept me distracted while Emma robbed me.  In the dark and with my cock in her mouth, I probably would never have known.  But that wasn’t what these two were about.  They weren’t there to rob me.  They were there because they loved sucking cock and they had a huge one to share between them.
Emma started to caress my chest and stomach as she gave me an amazing blowjob.  It was made even more amazing because Lucy kept stroking her hand up and down the shaft as Emma pressed her tongue into the head, licking and sucking hard on it.  I felt Emma reach up and start to caress my balls as she sucked me.  I wondered if she knew how much cum she was going to get in her mouth if she kept going.  The pressure was building fast and I didn’t know how I was going to stop myself from cumming if they kept it going.
Emma was no amateur though.  She knew how excited I was getting and before I could cum she pulled back and traded places with Lucy.  The few seconds break let my impending orgasm settle down but I felt the pressure quickly start to build again as Lucy took her turn to suck me.  Emma happily swapped roles with her friend, rubbing me slower and gentler than Lucy had been doing it.  It matched the way she was caressing my balls.
I don’t know exactly how long we stayed in that room.  It felt like hours but it was probably no more than fifteen minutes.  They knew exactly what they were doing, those two.  Each time one would get me close she’d stop and hand me over to her friend who would then suck me hard while the other one carried on stroking me up and down.  At one point both of them changed tactics and started licking right up and down the full length of my cock, not using their hands at all but just their mouths.  I kept tightening my muscles and my cock would jerk upwards, and they would giggle as they followed its movements, taking turns to gulp on the head.
Despite my best efforts, there was no way I could stop myself cumming with that sort of relentless pleasuring going on.  They were each sucking as hard as they could for a few seconds and then swapping mouths as quickly as possible.  That kept the pressure up until I couldn’t take it anymore.  My cock had started to spasm just as Emma took it from her eager mouth and Lucy had leant in for another go.  I moaned loudly as I shot a big squirt of cum right over her face, and she had pulled back in surprise, the shock almost instantly being replaced by a big grin as Emma had pulled it back towards her and the next of shot of cum had spattered right across her face.  She turned her head and started to snog Lucy, sharing the cum on her tongue with her.  I came again, spraying cum over both their cheeks as they kissed each other, before I pushed my still throbbing cock in between their faces and they’d eagerly kissed and licked it as I finished pumping out cum.  Watching them there, licking their tongues round my cock, licking off my cum and then kissing each other was one of the horniest moments of my life.  God that was amazing to watch.  It’s giving me a semi thinking about it even now.  It was an amazing end to the night.

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