Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There is a man, and he is trapped.

He is a prisoner of his own making.  Nobody forces him to stay.  He could leave at any time, but if he did, everyone would know and then he would feel shame.  It is pride that makes him a prisoner, and pride that stops him from walking away.

Pride is dangerous.  Pride can consume and devour without a shred or warning or a hint of remorse.  Pride lets slip words that fall from a silver tongue so easily and yet hold the weight of air.

Resentment follows, and it is a dangerous companion, for with resentment comes The Fire and The Fire can be no more, for The Fire is somewhere he can never be.  The Fire is banished, no matter how hard he strives to find it or how desperately he feels the cold of its absence.

It is pride that lost him The Fire.  It is pride that made him a prisoner.  It is pride that will stalk him to the end of his days, and follow him beyond.

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